Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Time for Reflecting and Changes

At this time of the year I usually look back at what happened throughout the year and think about where my life is headed.  I am blessed to have a great personal life and I have many good freinds and family.  My partner of 18 years has been so helpful to my life changes, I am grateful! 

This year I am expanding my art horizons and have taken up a new and exciting art medium, printmaking.

I became interested in reduction relief printing when I viewed some art while in Denver at a neat little gallery there.  This process is done by using a wood block or linoleum block called lino block.  First you draw your idea on the surface of the block and then carve away the piece until you have an outline.  The outline is inked and printed on paper.  With reduction printing you carve the piece out a little bit more for each color change.  After you have reduced the block, you no longer can print the piece.  So, the first print you would determine the number in the series and create as many copies that you need.  Then print over each with the whatever number of colors that will be in the piece. 

Since this is just a start for me, I worked three blocks so far, but with only one color.  I have hand colored these to try that method, but I have yet to try the reduction process.  This will be my goal for figure out how to do redution relief printing and do it successfully. 

Homestead-Varied Open Print on Bristol $25

Standing Tall-Varied Open Print $25

On Calm Water -Varied Open Print $25
Here are the prints that I made so far. Let me know if you like them, I would love to hear your feedback. 

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