Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Goes in Circles

Around and around we go! Where we stop nobody knows!

Okay-so here we go again, procrastinating. The only good thing to happen this year is that I am making headways in my art. I only wish I had more avenues to sell my work. I just made 7 birdhouses and sold 4 of them. Now thats progress!

I am thinking that taking these pastel classes have exhausted their use. I have learn much, but now for the reality of the matter. I need some drawing classes. I want to learn how to draw better and more accurately. So, I will pursue that this year.

My weight still remains the same and I am frustrated with that completely. When I was in Florida, though, I felt like my life was just as healthy as someone who works out everyday. I don't want to be rail thin and looking like a twig, just less heavy than I am.

Anyway, 2008 is flying fast----------almost half gone and still more to do with my life.

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