Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life keeps on getting more interesting!

Well, it really has been a long time! I am doing more now than I was last May. I am still trying to keep my weight down and lose some, but it's just as hard as ever. My partner keeps saying that I look thinner. And maybe I do, but I still weigh 230 pounds!

I started something new about a month ago. I took a class in pastels. I met a wonderful person who turned me on to my new art love, pastels! I am taking a class at the North Shore Art League on Monday's from 1-4pm. I am learning new and exciting things about my art skills.

My Spanish has taken a back seat, but I still am trying to incorporate that into my life. Hola!
I've been cut off from my sessions of Rosetta Stone, so I am waiting for a new program to be presented to me through the library. I will continue to work on my language.

Well, not much else going on, but I am excited about my art and working to expand that career possibility.

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