Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plein Air Session-what a great way to learn!

Yesterday, I met the plein air group from the Lake County Art League at the Thunderhawk golf range in Zion. What a beautiful place. Chris Tanner, our fearless leader of the group, arranged for the plein air group to have access to this facility for the morning. The group met at 9:00 am and by 9:40 am we were off photographing and painting out on the course. We were provided golf carts to help us get to the beautiful nature scenes on several of the holes. I took over 97 photos. Between the water and the trees, there was plenty of beautiful shots to take. I did the painting of the milkweed seed pods when I got home, it's a watercolor on hot press paper. Thank you Bonnie for the paper! The watercolor scene of one of the marshes I did at the plein air session is still being worked on. I of course over did it when I got home and am not sure if I like what I did. Okay, I'll post it for you to see.
Also the first one is a photo I took that I just love.

After we did our thing out on the golf course, we all met back at the cafe' and talked about what we did out in the field. Having these pow-wows afterwards are what makes plein air such a wonderful learning tool. We all critique each others work and get to hear what others think about the art. It's also a good way to meet other artists and meet new friends. I just love it! Can't wait for the next meeting.

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