Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to Pastels!

Almost two years ago I was introduced to pastels by my good friend and fellow artist, Cindy Gross. She hired me to do some interior painting for her in her home and there she showed me her work as a pastel artist. Cindy is a very talented artist and was excited to share this unknown medium to me. I had been doing watercolors and she thought they were beautiful. She told me that I would love pastels. So, one day when I was working at her house, she let me try some. I spent about 30 minutes messing with a few sticks adding colors to a landscape, I believe. Of course my favorite! She was amazed how quickly I took to it. We instantly became friends and I decided to join the North Shore Art League and take a class with her. After that, it was all history! I couldn't wait to get my hands into the pastel dust and start creating painting after painting. Oh how much fun it was to take those classes. I met many talented and fun artists, including my teacher Frances Vail. Thank you Frances for guiding me...........I miss the group, and maybe someday will meet again for more fun with the North Shore Art League.

Finally after a short break from pastel work, I have finished this latest painting. I was inspired by the beautiful daffodils that I saw at the Mettawa, Adlai Stevenson home last Saturday at the plein air group. What a great group............I am grateful for all the fun and help they all provide to advance my career as an artist!

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