Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am so sad............feeling down about my dog.

I want to share with you the sad experience I had this weekend. My sweet 13 year old Jack Russell, Nemo, had three grand mal seizures. I was devastated. He is the best dog in the world. After several trips to the vets, they put him on some phenobarbital. I am so afraid for him! The blood work showed an elevated enzyme in the liver, pointing toward Cushings disease. He will get a test next week to see if indeed he has Cushings. He had been tested several years ago for the disease, but the tests didn't show signs of it. So hopefully this is something that can be treated. The other possibility is brain tumors that could be causing the seizures. I just hope he can live the rest of his life comfortable and not suffer too much pain.
Nemo is a very bright dog. So bright, he watched tv when he could see well. He even could distinguish a rat or possum on the screen. When the scene changed, he would go around to the back of the tv looking for the prey.
Well enough of this sad news, it's making me cry!

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