Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday was a long but interesting day. I went down to the University of Chicago early in the morning with my partner Debbie for her graduation from the Graham School of General Studies, Basic Program. This was a four year commitment reading the Great Books. Her last class was that morning, so I went down with my watercolors and was working plein air for a few hours in the rain. It's not a good idea to paint watercolors in the rain-I got very little accomplished, but it was a challenging idea. I spent most of the time taking pictures of the beautiful buildings and the green ivy that was growing all over them.

I took this shot of a young man who was watching the regular University of Chicago graduation ceremonies, which were outside. The color of his rain coat intrigued me and the flowers were so beautiful in that part of the square.

I will attempt to paint some of the buildings when I have time to concentrate on perspectives. Getting that right is very important for the painting to look real.

Anyway after I attempted to plein air, we all met for lunch and then went to the Smart Museum and we saw a wonderful artist on exhibit, H. C. Westermann. That was really interesting and fun. Then we went over to the Ida Noyes building clear across campus to participate in Debbie's graduation and acceptance of her certificate with a cocktail and appetizer finale'. That was a very exhausting day!

For those who know my dog Nemo and read my last few entries here, he is doing better. He has not had a seizure since that first night and has adjusted to the medication. I just hope we have him for a lot longer! He is very sweet and loving and when I think of losing him, it really gets me weepy eyed.

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