Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow! What a great day to Plein Air!

Today, I went over to downtown Antioch to join my plein air group. But only found one person sitting on the main drag set up for our 3 hour session. So, I opened my chair and set myself up just up the street and started painting one of the shops there. There were two big beautiful trees and a blue sky that attracted my attention. The shop was a dog grooming place and that too attracted me. So, here is the painting that I did.
Several people came up to me, including a policewoman and wanted to see my work. Another wanted to know if I did commissions and if I could work off a photo. So, maybe I will get a call and paint the jewelery store building for her.
There were so many interesting buildings, I could go back there and capture many interesting street scenes there, because of the very old and unique storefronts.

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