Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yankee the Dog!

Well, I have been waiting to post this painting so that my friend Cindy Gross would not see this gift I was planing on giving her and her husband, Ed for having us over to their home up on Turtle Lake. And today, I was able to surprise them with the painting of their dog Yankee.
Yankee is a labordoodle (not sure how you spell that) He is so sweet and cute. I thought it would make a nice gift for their kind generosity of sharing a Friday up at their home on Turtle Lake with Debbie and I.
We really enjoyed spending the day with them. They served us lunch and let us ride on their go-kart and paddle boat. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating with us, so it rained a bit on and off all day.
Then Cindy and I sat at the table on their porch, looking out at the lake and plein aired some art, while Ed found something to work on in the barn and Debbie sat back with her book. That was really fun. We enjoyed the peaceful quiet of the short but sweet Friday retreat up at the Gross' home on Turtle Lake.
Here is the painting that I did of the view from the porch, looking out onto the lake. It is watercolor and gouache with some pastel accents that I added after I returned home.
Can't wait until the next time we can return. I just loved the peace and quiet. And of course the company!!!

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