Friday, January 8, 2010

Savannah Beauty

With all this snow here in Illinois, I thought I'd paint something to brighten up even the snowyist day! 
This is a gouache on mat board.  8 x 9.  Took the original photo back in July when I was biking the Rollins Savannah near my home.  This guy looked at me and I zoomed in for the shot.


  1. Debra, this painting is drop dead gorgeous. I've been experimenting with gouache but haven't gotten comfortable yet. You really have the knack!

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for the great compliment on this painting! I started painting with gouache maybe a year or so ago and put it down after getting frustrated with it the first few weeks. Then I did some reading about gouache and decided to give it another go. What I like about it, is the way you can layer the colors and reignite the paint. Also, with some experimenting on various papers, it seems like the smoother surfaces work better with it. Right now I am working on black mat board and it really works well. I just read something about spraying the work with an acrylic sealer and have yet to try it, but plan on experimenting with that too.
    Glad you liked my "Egret"!