Sunday, February 28, 2010


I sent in my entry to the Harper College Small Works Show coming up at the end of March and found out that I was not one of the excepted artists...BOO HOO!!!!  Then when I looked at the few that were excepted, (all 23, which is a very small show), I wondered if they were talking about the painting size or the show! 

I realized after checking out the credentials of the judge, Douglas Stapleton, that my art was in no way something he would pick for that show.  His artwork is more abstract and mine is far from that.
Congrats to those who did get into the show!

After being a bit bummed out, I talked with a few close friends who are also artists and one of them said "do your art for yourself"!  So, I painted a few new pastels to cheer myself up.  Here is one of them.  I call this one "Beyond the Fence".  It is a pastel on paper about 8 x 8.  Enjoy!

Please contact me if you are intereted in purchasing any of my artwork.  I price my artwork to sell.  This piece will be available for $75 unframed.

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