Sunday, July 18, 2010

I didn't get in!

Well, I was right.....I was not picked to be in the farm images show at the Discovery Museum!  What a disappointment, but the good sport I am, I will have to go on to the next one!  I heard that 29 artists were chosen and that only 32 paintings made it into the show.  I am looking forward to the opening reception that will be held on August 22 to see the lucky winners and the many talented artists that got into the show. 

Last week I spent some time in downtown Denver and got to see the mountains in Estes Lake.  I had several opportunities to plein air, so I did!  Here is a sketch I did while at a party in a cowboy bar downtown Denver. 

I don't drink, so I took a few minutes to hone up on my drawing skills.  This is an ink on plain paper (used what was available)

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