Sunday, September 5, 2010

Savannah Field

Well, I have been trying to get out there and bike as much as possible this season.  It was a promise I made to myself over the winter that I would try and get back to my old day of biking every weekend.  In the good old days, I biked about 40 miles a week.  Several 10 mile trips during the week and 20-25 on the weekends. 

So last weekend we did 11 miles up and back to the Rollins Savannah.  This weekend we did 18 from Old Orchard Rd. to Chicago Botanic Gardens and back.  Boy does that feel good.  I plan on biking all the way into the first week of November, if the weather holds out until then.  I love to bike when the weather is a bit cooler.  When it's hot, it's way too exhausting.  Not to mention I feel like I am going to have heat stroke on the bike. 

Savannah Field-Original pastel-$90-Email me!

Anyway here is a painting I did of the Savannah, that I call Savannah Field, on acid free mat board, 9 x 9, in pastel.  Hope you like!

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