Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Wow, its been a cold week for the Chicago land area. It hasn't been this cold for years. I can recall the year it was 80 degrees below freezing with the wind and that was the worst winter for me. This -25 degrees with the wind, is not fun, but it can't compare.

I think of all those people without heat, electricity or any kind of necessities and think, boy have I got it made. Just having a roof over my head with running water and heat amazes me.

My brother is driving around in this cold snap with no heat in his car and no window. He says "well, people riding snowmobiles deal with it". Not the same. I can't imagine sitting in a car and the wind is whipping in at -30 below freeze.

I think of my garden to keep my mind off of it. In several months the ground will be thawing and the signs of spring will be emerging.

That's the life you have to deal with when living in the Midwest. Snow, cold, rain, wind, humidity, and sunshine. I pray for sunshine!

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