Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm getting too old for this!

Today the Midwest got hit with a big storm. I'm glad we only got 5 or so inches of snow, cause some states got more and blizzard like conditions. Here I thought the cold was bad and now I have to go out and shovel the drive AGAIN! Don't like all this snow. It looks pretty, but its hard to drive through and I cant get to work when it's like this. So today I am baking cookies, doing some paper work, working on a woodworking project.

I am making a platform bed frame for my girlfriends twin bed. It's finally taking shape. I have all the side pieces made. Now I just have to make the top platform, and the inside supports. I used plywood and particle board for most of it. I got to use a lot of my tools. The table saw, the rotor table, the compound miter saw and my electric nail gun. The worst part about doing a project like this is you have to have patience and time. Everything has to be clamped and glued. So, I have been working on the weekends whenever I can. But, its so cold I have to put my space heater in the garage to keep the place warm. Anyway, it's gonna turn out great, I just know it!

My cookies are about to come out of the oven and I still have to shovel the driveway and get a path dug out in the yard for the boys. Poor little guys cant get around in 6 or more inches of snow! Guess you are wondering who the boys are.........they are a Jack Russell and a mix Jack Poodle. My best buds alive!

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