Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Brunch

Today I cooked a fantastic Sunday brunch for 15 of our friends. We served Mimosa's and Quiche with lots of other great side items. Like a strawberry spinach salad, bagels, muffins and a fresh fruit salad. Everyone ate and drank and had fun!

The best part was the cooking. I just loved it. I really have never cooked a quiche and I also made a strata. The worst part was when I went to put the pies in the oven, I spilled some of liquid and it started to burn and smoke up the house. But, I was able to clean up the spill and clear out the house in a about 10 minutes without the smoke alarm sounding.

Still sticking with the diet and learning my Spanish.

I will continue to work on getting myself together. I want to start something new, but nothing has worked so far.

I am planning on doing an art fair on June 16th to try and sell some of my watercolors. I got good response from people today regarding my work. I know if I price it right, it will sell!

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