Monday, May 7, 2007

Still working it!

Wow, its been awhile since I last wrote. Time just slips away.

Well, where do I start? Let's start with the diet. So far, I am doing well, but have slipped a little. I am eating a little bit of chocolate and some of the things that were making my stomach go flip flop. The reason being is that I went to the doctor for a check up and started on some medication to help my acid reflux. It's working, but how long will I have to take the stuff. Then when I least expect it, I have other problems with my health and now I am going to all these appointments which have been nerve racking. I just hope there isn't anything seriously wrong. That would suck! I had a cat scan of my kidneys and tomorrow I will do another test on my bladder. The scan came out okay, except now I need to talk to my interest about my spin. I also was put on high blood pressure meds. This is starting to sound really pathetic!
I go next week to have the doctor update me with my blood pressure. I checked it and its down with the meds, but my heart beat is much faster. what? Never a dull moment.

Anyway, waiting patiently for the okay to do the art fair. Will know after the 25Th whether they excepted the application to be in it. Not much time to prepare. So, I am thinking what will I do to get ready for it.

I am still working on the Spanish, donde esta perro? Or, where is the dog? Me perro en su casa! My dog is in the house! I think! Anyway, still working on that too. Well interesting there are no comments on my blog. I guess it's not that easy to attract attention.

Well, gotta get going and put together the dinner!

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