Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crossing-Gouache on Hot Press

Got a few good photographs from a plein air session a few weeks back and gave this scene a whirl.  I used hot press Arches paper and is about 6 x 9 in size.

What attracted me to this scene was the perspective of the distance you see beyond the bridge and the challenge of painting the crossing gate.

With each painting I try and challenge myself with something that I have not done before.  Sometimes that can be difficult if I have no reference material to use to work from.  I had hoped to get more subject matter that day, but found the colors to be somewhat simple instead of exciting.  The camera just can't capture some of the values and brilliance that life gives you when you paint, that's why I love plein air painting so much.
Crossing-$60 unframed-gouache 6 x 9

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