Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to the Grind or is the GRIT?

Well the weekend is over and I am back to the grind of the week. Working as hard as I can to keep things a float. I noticed this weekend with the warmer weather, there were tons of people out and about shopping, having breakfast, etc. I think the weather does have an effect on peoples moods. I know that I was very happy that the snow is melting and the signs of spring are in the air.

I painted one other painting this weekend. After the comment from Chris Tanner, I thought about something more complicated to work on. I started out with a watercolor drawing of a window that I photographed in the old Brainerd School building in Libertyville from the last plein air session. I trashed the first painting that I tried, after realizing that my angles were completely off.

Here is the second attempt in watercolor and ink.

After showing Chris this one, here was his comment: Deb --- Very cool. I have noticed that artists often take advantage of a greometric grid (and other tricks) to do "unify" a painting, and that's exactly what works for you here. As it was explained to me, a painting that has no unity will seem to be a combination of two different paintings, though it's probably more complicated than that. The result is a little confusiing and is quickly dismissed by the mind as misinformation. It's a common trap for inexperienced artists. You would have that problem here, because the view in the top of the window is so different from the view in the bottom. But you tied it all together with the grid so there is no disunity at all. The mind notices the top/bottom difference and enjoys trying to work out a meaning. I like that. I also like the way you cropped this to make a dramatic.

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