Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yupo experience!

  • The most fun thing about doing art is the different mediums that you can experiment in. I really love the way the watercolors look when they turn out, but boy can they be a challenge to get the right colors and depth. Once the color spreads onto the paper and if you have not controlled it in some way, it can spoil a perfectly good piece.

  • Pastels are so much more intense, but messy and if you add too much the colors get muted and overworked. Pastels are my favorite because of the great colors and the intense finished look. They are an art medium that you can literally get your hands into.

  • Another new method I have been trying is the alcohol based paints called Pinata'. They are actually an ink that you apply over Yupo paper. Yupo is a plastic that can be used for watercolor or these types of applications. The Pinata' does all sorts of wild things and it is very hard to control. Here is a few of my latest creations of Pinata' on Yupo.

  • Fun, fun, fun!!! Note: These images are very shining and difficult to photograph without getting a reflection.

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