Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Life of Pears

Yesterday, I did a challenge on Wet Wet canvas is a forum for artists where you can post your artwork for critiques and meet other artists. I really enjoy the forum, because it gives me a place to show other artists my work and meet other creative people. It's also fun to hear their ohh's and ahh's about my work.

This was a challenge in the pastel forum. You had your choice of four photos. I chose the still life of the pears, because I really don't do still life painting and I was definitely outside my comfort zone on this one. I also have been wanting to try out a technique where you take turpeniod and wet down the pastels. First I blocked in the color with Nu Pastel sticks, then wet the surface with turpenoid. Once the painting was dry, I came back in with the colors that you see on the surface. I had to spray this once, but the results were very interesting.

I do have to say, I enjoyed the challenge, but will stick to my landscape painting! I will have to try the turpenoid on one of them in the future.

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